Nerdy art, classy style


You know, everytime I go online or go to a convention, I see all these awesome prints of really cool artwork on sale. I love the creativity, and I am always tempted to buy....except for one problem: paper is inherently going to get damaged. So let's say you buy a paper then have to buy a frame for it! Now, you have spent anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars for a printed out reproduction, which is just ridiculous to me! Enter Shiny Creations:


All prints are done on birchwood, which means that you will NOT be able to accidentally bend or flex the wood like you can with paper.


I use a unique system to make these prints, in a way that no one I have found has been able to replicate, and have been making these woodstain pieces since 2015.


In addition to being made with wood, prints are also made with the same quality stain you would use on your hardwood floors or outdoor deck: places people walk all over!


Every print is handfinished and every piece is truly unique, with it's own grain pattern.